Replacement needles and spongebars for Knitting Machines

For many years I have been a knitting machine repairer and enjoyed my work, I rebuilt many knitting machines, I have now retired and wanted to share a company I found to be reliable and really helpful for knitting machine replacement needles.    

Replacement needle codes for Brother Knitting Machines and Ribbers


Click to visit Brother Knitting Machine replacement needle codes  


Replacement needle codes for Empisal, Knitmaster, Silver Reed, Singer and Studio Knitting Machines and Ribbers


Click to visit Empisal, Knitmaster, Silver Reed, Singer and Studio Knitting Machine replacement needle codes  


Changing needles in knitting machines is very easy

Xenaknits sell needles for Brother, Empisol, Knitmaster, Jones, Bond, Singer, Silver Reed knitting machines, plus the Chinese made copies of Brother and Knitmaster.


Links to each excellent and reliable spongebar kit for each knitting machine

  Brother Knitting Machine Kits   Knitmaster Knitting Machine Kits   Toyota Knitting Machine Kits      

The above links are for the only company I trusted

I hope you find this info useful, as I am now retired and am no longer repairing knitting machines I left this single page online to help the 1000's or machine knitters around the world. Supporting a small relaible business is always best especially one who has treated me se well over the years Xena Knits


Why did I choose Xena Knits ? Simple really they had the correct replacement sponge kits and needles for nearly every knitting machine ever made, they were relaible and the sponge kits & needles are excellent quality, when I say excellent quality I really mean it.


Thank you

(retired knitting machine repairer)


Xena Knits is where I bought all my knitting machine sponge bar kits


P.S I am unable to answer any emails, I am now enjoying my retirement on the golf course .

Thank you to all my fantastic customers who supported me over the years.

To view a quick video on their sponge kits, very easy to use

Silver Reed / KnitMaster / Empisal, Singer F270, Singer F370, Singer Ribber SRP50, Singer Ribber SRP60, Singer Ribber SRP60N, Singer SK-7, SInger SK-8, Singer SK101, Singer SK103, Singer SK105, Singer SK106, Singer SK121, Singer SK210, Singer SK218, Singer SK260, Singer SK270, Singer SK280, Singer SK301, Singer SK302, Singer SK303, Singer SK305, Singer SK310, Singer SK312, Singer SK313, Singer SK315, Singer SK321, Singer SK322, Singer SK323, Singer SK324, Singer SK326, Singer SK327, Singer SK328, Singer SK329, Singer SK360, Singer SK370, Singer SK500, Singer SK502, Singer SK503, Singer SK550, Singer SK560, Singer SK580, Singer SK600, Singer SK670, Singer SK700, Singer SK740, Singer SK840, Singer Standard. Brother Knitting machines KH561,KH710,kH800, KH820,KH830, KH836,KH840, KH860, KH868,KH881, KH890, KH891, KH892, KH894,KH900, KH910, KH930,KH940, KH950, KH950i,KH965, KH965i ,KH970 Knitmaster, Empisal or Silver Read steel bed knitting machines SK 7, SK 8,SK10, SK101, SK102, SK 103, SK 105, SK 106, SK121, SK155, SK160 SK210, SK260, F270, SK280,SK 301, SK302, SK 303, SK305, SK 310, SK 312, SK 313, SK315, SK321, SK322, SK323, SK324,SK326, SK327, SK328, SK329, SK360, F370, SK500, SK 502, SK 503, SK550, SK560, SK580,SK600, SK700, SK740,SK810, SK830, SK840, SK860, SK890,Knitmaster Knitting Machine SK210, Knitmaster Knitting Machine SK218, Knitmaster Knitting Machine SK260, Knitmaster Knitting Machine SK280, Knitmaster Knitting Machine SK321, Knitmaster Knitting Machine SK322, Knitmaster Knitting Machine SK323, Knitmaster Knitting Machine SK324, Knitmaster Knitting Machine SK326, Knitmaster Knitting Machine SK327, Knitmaster Knitting Machine SK328, Knitmaster Knitting Machine SK329, Knitmaster Knitting Machine SK360, Knitmaster Knitting Machine SK550, Knitmaster Knitting Machine SK560, Knitmaster Knitting Machine SK580, Knitmaster Knitting Machine SK600, Knitmaster Knitting Machine SK700, Knitmaster Knitting Machine SK740, Knitmaster Knitting Machine SK840 , elna knitting machines. Toyota knitting machines.